Thursday, November 27, 2008

New Teacher

I started teaching in September in a middle school and an intermediate school (4th and 5th grade). I teach one 4th grade class, six 5th grade classes, two 6th, two 7th, and two 8th. And I have two classrooms to at each school. They are both new and huge and they both have a kiln!
I'm hoping to set up a blog for each school soon too!


Mary Lundquist said...

Jackie, it's so great that you are teaching! Do you like that age group? I am working at a high school (not teaching) as an assistant in the art department and it's a lot of fun! Sounds like you are doing a lot right now, after your "lazy summer" blog entry. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas vacation.


Laura said...

ahh teaching!!! So fun! How did you land that one and can i use your kiln. jk

marry said...

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